Packing machines for sachets, cups, sauces
Small cups, sachets, stick
Bagging Machines
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Stick, 3 and 4 seals, pouch.
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About us

A machine unable to produce is expensive, no matter how cheap it is.

There is the opportunity of buying, in the field of industrial machinery, equipments with exceptional good conditions at very competitive prices, being a solution to be considered when starting any project or when improving on a factory technology.

BP Machinery, not only makes you possible the purchase of a machine but , also, provides you a service, because we can adapt it to the format you require , ready to operate and at the best price, enabling you to make it profitable in a shortest time.

Thanks to our experience and to the daily contact we keep with the industrial sector, we either own or can find any type of machinery, e.g. vertical packers, flow packs, weights, fillers, blowers injectors, retractile tunnels and many others different machines, as well as any industrial equipments.

Should you wish to find a solution to your business or project , please, get in touch with us , you will not waste your time.


Machines ready to operate

BP Machinery offers you the possibility to adapt the machine to the required format, ready to operate.

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